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These are a few examples of graphics I've created with Bryce 3D and Bryce 5.

Earth         An experiment, of sorts, with creating planet Earth




Moon...another version
Was playing around with the horizon settings.


Distant worlds
An alien world I came up with.                                  Island
                                                                             I liked how the reflections came out in the surrounding water.


Hills     terrain.jpgAnother bit of experimentation.         nm.gif Desert View    My own interpretation New Mexico.


nm1.gifDesert View Too   Another interpretation of New Mexico.

Poser    Interpretation of a scene in a short story I wrote featuring Lara Croft and a favorite Doctor Who companion of mine, Ace. It doesn't look like Ace at all but I'm hoping to make it look more like her as I learn how to use Poser 5.



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